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Project Renovation 1

Do you remember watching the T.V programme where the contestants were in a scrap yard and were given a challenge to create a tank for example out of scrap, but it must be all terrain, it must fire boulders etc. etc... Well, this was a challenge of sort! I was led to these below pictured rooms that were existing kitchenettes and shown a picture of the unit that is pictured, the unit is a purpose-built sink, fridge, microwave, 2x electric hotplates & 2x storage drawers. These units measure 1000w x 900h x 580d and the appliances all run off a 13amp plug! I thought to myself "what an earth is that?" I had never seen such a system for a residential set up, this is the sort of thing you find in a caravan! so for peace of mind i did some research as to whether these are currently legal, and much to my amazement you can actually get these still, "YES" they are fully compliant and you can have them made to requirement just pop along and have a look >>>>> Compact Kitchens, Wall Beds & Convertible Tables | John Strand MK ( So with the rooms as they were and the picture of the unit I was asked "can you use these to create a functional kitchen, with room for a washing machine?" No design plans, no drawings, the results are pictured below.

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